Sporting Injuries

Perhaps it gets you to thinking, why would you file a claim for a sports injury when such types of accidents are already a given? Once you get involved in sports, then you should be ready, or expectant may be a better word to be injured, as bad as it sounds. In fact, that is one of the reasons why people train very hard: to lessen the chances of injuring yourself and increasing the recovery process should you hurt yourself.

But there are actually instances when filing for a sports injury compensation becomes a must. We will offer you some scenarios:

  1. You are a spectator, and while you are so engrossed of the ball game, you did not notice that the level you’re in was about to collapse. You only realized it when you landed yourself in a hospital with broken ribs and legs.
  2. You were a passerby when suddenly you met an accident. A race car hit you from behind. It could have been avoided if traffic control was very clear.
  3. You were an athlete, and you were provided with medications and supplements that have been banned by the sports committee, this without your knowledge or consent. You suffered from adverse side effects and therefore can no longer compete in the sport.
  4. The school didn’t take the time to upgrade the facilities and the venue for training. Thus, you met an accident.
  5. You are into extreme sports. One day you broke your neck during practice. It turned out the organizers didn’t secure any airbags that could have softened the impact of your fall.

As you can see, there are a lot of scenarios where filing for a sports injury compensation makes a lot of sense. Now how do you go about it?

First, it’s important that you talk to a solicitor, someone who has in-depth experience in sports injury claims. This can be very complex and is therefore more difficult to handle by a solicitor who lacks the knowledge and the specialisation. A solicitor can be very helpful in assessing your case: does it have any merit or not, which means do you have the chance of winning? You will also be provided with assistance as to what types of proof you have to prepare to increase the possibility of getting a claim. If the solicitor is confident that your case can be won, the company may offer you with a “no win, no fee” agreement. As its name implies, you don’t pay the fees upfront. You do so only when the damages are already awarded to you. The fees can be obtained from such damages.

Second, you should be able to establish liability of the third party. There should hardly be any doubt that your injuries are caused by their own negligence, malpractice, or mistake. Again, a solicitor can assist you in identifying the liable party as well as how much you should ask for a claim. You must identify the right party to pay for the claim. Otherwise, you are going to waste your time and money.

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