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Connoisseur Flight - 5 Wines

Connoisseur: 5 wines at JCB Lounge

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Connoisseur Flight - 5 Wines

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Connoisseur Flight - 5 Wines

Connoisseur: 5 wines at JCB Lounge


The appointment-only JCB Lounge in the Napa Valley embraces a new height of luxury. Ideal for small private parties and intimate tastings for those seeking a sophisticated, unforgettable tasting experience in the Napa Valley.

Connoisseur: 5 wines, $75 per person. Live the JCB lifestyle with the upper echelon of JCB Wines.

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למימוש השובר יש להציג מספר שובר באמצעות SMS/ מייל/ שובר מודפס. לפרטים נוספים : 707.934.8237.

  • JCB Tasting Salon, Yountville

    6505 Washington St.

    Yountville, CA 94599

    United States

    T: 707.934.8237

  • 707.934.8237
  • Website

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